Scientific Research - Studies & Inventions

Studies currently carried out at the "Orthopädische Universitätsklinik St. Josef Hospital", Bochum, Germany:

  • Post-operative Results in Micro-decompression Surgery on the Lumbar Spinal Region (follow up: 3 years)
  • Measure of Retractor and Blood Capacity following Micro-surgery on the Spine
  • Spinal Canal Stenosis Syndrome vs. Occlusive Arterial Disease. How high is the level of frequency for the combined occurrence of both diseases?
  • Prospective Randomised Analgesic Study on the Treatment of Root Compression Syndromes
  • Volume Assessment in the Antero-lateral Epidural Space in Segment L5/S1 on Anatomic Preparations
  • Angular Assessment of Traverse and Exiting Nerve Roots on the Spine, on Anatomic Preparations
  • Numeric Assessment of Force Effects between the Spinous Processes in the Lumbar Spine Region
  • Investigation on Reactions in the Circulatory System during the Administration of Epidural Cervical Injections
  • Efficiency of Epidural Cervical Injections
  • Construction of a specific Traction Orthesis for the Cervical Spine Segment