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The Spinal Column

The Spinal ColumnSpinal complaints and diseases are a national epidemic. In Germany, almost three quarters of the population suffer from some kind of spinal affliction. In order to prevent these diseases from becoming chronic, timely treatment is of the essence.
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The Lumbosacral Challenge

The Lumbosacral ChallengeLower back pain, either with or without pain sensations radiating down into the leg, are very common and can be called a "national affliction". Approximately 35% of people in Germany are currently estimated to suffer from back pain of varying intensity. The so-called lifetime prevalence is 100 percent. This means, that during their lifetime, everyone will experience lower back pain at least once, if not more often than that.
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Healthy Back

Healthy BackOnce patients have received successful treatment, either conservative or operative, and resume normal everyday life activities, they usually want to know what to do in order to avoid a relapse.
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